Arkib Harian: April 4, 2024

Did one guy just stop a huge cyberattack?

Did one guy just stop a huge cyberattack

SAN FRANCISCO: The internet, as anyone who works deep in its trenches will tell you, is not a smooth, well-oiled machine. It’s a messy patchwork that has been assembled over decades, and is held together with the digital equivalent of Scotch tape and bubble gum. Much of it relies on …

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Nikkei leads Asia higher as yen slips; commodities on a roll

Nikkei leads Asia higher as yen slips commodities on a

SYDNEY: Asian shares rallied on Thursday as U.S. rate cuts remained on the menu, even if their timing was unclear, while the yen slid against everything except the dollar and boosted Japanese stocks. There was also action in commodities as gold reached another record, oil a five-month peak and copper …

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