Although Coldplay supports Palestine it still promotes hedonism says PAS
Although Coldplay supports Palestine it still promotes hedonism says PAS

Although Coldplay supports Palestine, it still promotes hedonism, says PAS MP

KUALA LUMPUR: Although the British rock band Coldplay supports the Palestinian cause, at the same time the group still encourages the culture of hedonism, says PAS information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari.

The Pasir Mas MP believed that the concert should still be called off.

“As mentioned by the Prime Minister earlier regarding the issue of Coldplay concert, he mentioned that the group is pro-Palestinian.

“However, this is not about whether they purely support the Palestinian cause or not but the issue of hedonism culture that they bring to our community.

“I believe that during this current Palestinian culture, and if we bring an international group into the country, I think it is not suitable at this time,” he said while debating the 2024 Supply Bill at the committee stage for the Sports Ministry on Tuesday (Nov 21).

Earlier, Anwar said that he would hold talks with the Federal Territories mufti to discuss issues involving the Coldplay concert slated for Wednesday (Nov 22).

Anwar had lauded the group due to their support of the Palestinian cause.

He said this was in view of the fact that there were lobbyists from a movement supporting Palestinians who supported the concert, while there were other parties who suggested that the concert be called off.

“Coldplay is among the bands that support Palestine. There is a small problem I have to say, even the previous government had approved (the concert) also. I will discuss this with the mufti.

“Because there are lobbyists from the Palestinian movement who support and have given their views to the foreign minister, and my office has stated, why should we stop a group that supports the Palestinian cause from performing?” Anwar said.

On Nov 18, Federal Territories mufti Datuk Dr Luqman Abdullah called the government to cancel the Coldplay concert.

Dr Luqman appealed to the public not to support the concert, adding that it would not benefit society.

“Because other issues were raised, we agreed to discuss the matter again,” said Anwar.

Earlier this week, PAS and Majlis Ulama Ikatan Muslimin (Isma) religious council chairman Datuk Zamri Hashim also called for the Coldplay concert to be cancelled.

Coldplay is scheduled to perform in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday (Nov 23) as part of their Music of the Spheres World Tour.

Coldplay has been an outspoken supporter of Palestine for over the past decade.

The band posted the song Freedom For Palestine on its official Facebook page in 2011.

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