Bluetooth for two How to play music on two sets
Bluetooth for two How to play music on two sets

Bluetooth for two: How to play music on two sets of headphones

BERLIN: We’ve all wanted to play someone a song over headphones and then wished we could listen to it with them at the same time.

Sharing one set of headphones can be tricky, if not impossible, but thankfully Bluetooth now makes it easier to use two headphones on one device.

Some Android smartphones offer a handy feature called “Dual Audio” that allows you to connect two Bluetooth headphones to your device at the same time and play the same audio source on both headphones.

You can see whether your device supports this feature in the device settings under the Connections or Bluetooth section.

If you have a Samsung smartphone, it’s relatively easy to activate this feature, says audio product tester Damian Meier. Start by pairing both Bluetooth headphones with your smartphone using Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.

You can then set the audio output in the settings. To do this, navigate to “Media” and drag the screen down to get to this point. There you can activate both headphones.

Even without dual audio functionality on your Android smartphone, you can listen to music with two Bluetooth headphones at the same time using a Bluetooth splitter.

This practical accessory is not only compatible with smartphones, but also with other devices such as televisions and consoles.

First connect the Bluetooth splitter to your playback device, connect the first headphone to the splitter and then the second one. Then you’ll be able to hear the same sound on both headphones.

When using a Bluetooth splitter, make sure your playback device has the appropriate connection for the splitter.

Owners of Apple devices starting with iOS 13 can use audio sharing to connect multiple Bluetooth headphones. This feature is compatible with AirPods, AirPods Pro and Beats headphones, Meier says.

To activate audio sharing, first establish a connection between the first Bluetooth headphones and your Apple device. Next, open Control Centre on your iPhone or iPad and tap the AirPlay button.

Then select the “Share Audio” option and hold the second headphones to your device. Tap “Share Audio” when the second Bluetooth headphones appear. Once both headphones are connected, you can enjoy sharing your favourite music with your friends. – dpa

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