Chow Kit market traders shocked by huge fee hike
Chow Kit market traders shocked by huge fee hike

Chow Kit market traders shocked by huge fee hike

TRADERS at Pasar Raja Bot, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, who are expected to relocate to the new market building, had a rude shock when they discovered a hike in their licence fees.

They were also upset that they have to pay rental and maintenance fees for their stall at the new building that could amount to a few hundred ringgit each month.

Persatuan Penjaja-Penjaja dan Peniaga-Peniaga Kecil Kawasan Chow Kit chairman Yuesnaedy Idrus, who is also known as Ady, said hawkers and traders had complained about this.

“Previously, we did not have to pay stall rental and maintenance fees.

A total 1,477 stall owners at the existing market are supposed to relocate to the new building. — Filepic

“We understand that in order to benefit from the facilities of the new building, we have to pay for maintenance, but the stall rental is too high.

“Many traders complained about the high charges,” he said, hoping that Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) would reduce the stall rental rate.

Ady said previously, he only paid RM240 as the annual licence fee after a 50% discount by DBKL.

Now, in addition to that, he would have to pay RM450 a month for stall rental and RM50 for monthly maintenance.

“What if traders have a few stalls? It could amount to a few thousand ringgit.”

Ady said the association sent a letter requesting DBKL to reduce the stall rental by up to 70%.

“We are supposed to move to the new building but we will not relocate if the traders don’t accept the fees and stall rental rates imposed by DBKL.”

A total of 1,477 stall owners at the existing market would be relocated to a new premises built next door under Phase II of the redevelopment of Pasar Raja Bot project.Ady says the association has sent a letter to DBKL requesting a reduction in stall rental fee, and says traders will not relocate if they do not agree with new fees and rates.

The new multistorey market complex has facilities such as lifts and loading bay.

Association adviser Lee Chick King said traders occupying stalls would also have to make a one-off payment for stall collateral.

“We are hoping that DBKL can collect the collateral later.

“Forking out stall rental, maintenance and licence fee is a huge sum for traders and it will be difficult to cope,” he said, adding that he had to pay RM1,550 for a 3m x 3m stall to sell dry goods.

A DBKL spokesperson said in a statement that the licence fee rate charged on the licence holders or stall owners was subject to the Licensing of Markets (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur) By-laws 2016.

“The fee, as stated in the by-laws, is charged based on the types of spaces and products sold in the market building.

“The increase in the licence fee is due to the cancellation of Markets (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur) By-laws 1984, which the issuance of the old licence fee was based on.

“The difference in rates of licence fees is between RM120 and RM300 depending on the types of spaces and produce sold at the new market building.”

DBKL cited the example of how a trader selling fish would be charged RM480 annually under the 1984 by-laws whereas under the 2016 by-laws, the rate would be RM780, a RM300 increase in the licence fee.

The annual licence fee for a (indoor or outdoor) stall vendor selling fish, vegetables and fruits that was previously RM240, would now increase to RM360.

This, however, does not include the 50% discount that DBKL is offering stall owners.

The DBKL spokesperson also said the 50% discount on the licence fee would continue after the traders move to the new market building.

“Those affected by the relocation will enjoy a six-month exemption in stall rental from February until July,” he said.

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