Civil Defence Force identifies 6000 flood hotspots nationwide
Civil Defence Force identifies 6000 flood hotspots nationwide

Civil Defence Force identifies 6,000 flood hotspots nationwide

KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysian Civil Defence Force has identified approximately 6,000 flood hotspots nationwide during this northeast monsoon (MTL) season, which is expected to last until next March.

APM Headquarters Management Division director Dr Mohammad Fazli Sardi said the Civil Defence Force, together with other agencies, would focus on these areas, especially in providing awareness to the community about flood disasters.

“This time, we will focus on giving awareness to the community so that the impact of floods can be minimised… we know floods will still occur, but what we want to instil in them is how we can face the floods so that the impact is lessened.

“Previously, the lack of awareness about floods among the community resulted in a big impact because the victims had no early preparation… we do not want this to recur,” he said.

He said this when officiating the commissioning ceremony of the 9th Student Civil Defence Corps (Sispa Corps) at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) here on Tuesday (Nov 7).

Mohammad Fazli said that as the country’s Natural Disaster Secretariat, the Civil Defense Force is ready regarding equipment and personnel to tackle the northeast monsoon season.

Regarding the commissioning ceremony, he said 139 young officers, comprising students from UMS, were commissioned with the rank of Second Lieutenant (PA) after completing three years of training in UMS.

“The Civil Defence Force, Higher Education and Higher Learning Institutions Ministry has established an annual programme to foster a spirit of integration that transcends age, race and religion.

“The officers commissioned today can trigger an echo of volunteerism to all students in universities to serve as members of the Civil Defence Force nationwide,” he said.- BK

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