Contractor ordered to pay RM50000 for failing to finish home
Contractor ordered to pay RM50000 for failing to finish home

Contractor ordered to pay RM50,000 for failing to finish home renovation

A bank employee was looking forward to renovating his single-storey terrace house after staying there for over 20 years.

Jamion Adha Abdullah, 47, was planning to expand his house in Taman Intan Jaya, Mersing, about 140km from Johor Baru, by adding an extended living area and kitchen.

He engaged a contractor and the project began on Nov 16, 2021, with the expected completion date on April 30, 2022.

“The cost of the project was RM120,000 as agreed in the contract,” Jamion said when met outside the Johor Baru Consumer Claims Tribunal.

He said the scope of works included drawing and 3D presentation, demolition, foundation and footing work as well as reinforcement and brickwork.

It also covered cement work, doors and frames, ironmongery and metal work, plastering, plumbing, drainage and tiling.

The claimant hired a company from Mersing to take on the project as he knew the owner’s family and it had also undertaken a government building project.

Jamion made six payments via bank transfer to the respondent with the first payment of RM48,000 or 40% deposit on Nov 16, 2021.

“Works started on the same day I made the first payment with 10 workers on site,’’ said the claimant.

He made six payments totalling RM113,000 between February and October 2022.

Jamion said the second and sixth payments were progressive payments made based on the progress of the works.

“But, after the sixth payment, work stopped and some of the workers came to me and claimed that they had not been getting their wages,’’ he said.

He called and messaged the company’s owner many times but received no answer.

Jamion then filed a case with the tribunal, claiming RM50,000 compensation from the respondent for being irresponsible and leaving the project midway through.

“I had to fork out RM54,000 to hire another contractor to finish the remaining work. The project is still ongoing,’’ he said.

Tribunal president Mohd Zahirullah Mohd Taib ordered the respondent, who did not attend the hearing, to pay RM50,000 to the claimant within two weeks.

Those who need aid from the tribunal can call 07-227 1755/ 1766.

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