Copter tragedy Late WO II Muhammad Faisols family accept findings
Copter tragedy Late WO II Muhammad Faisols family accept findings

Copter tragedy: Late WO II Muhammad Faisol’s family accept findings in interim report

SIK: The family of one of the victims killed in the tragedy involving two Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) helicopters in Lumut, Perak, accepted the findings in the interim report released by the Investigation Board on Thursday.

The eldest sister of the late Warrant Officer (WO) II Muhammad Faisol Tamadun, Noryani, 50, said she accepted the preliminary report and remains patient while waiting for the final report, which is expected to be completed by May 28.

“I pray that the investigation process into the cause of the accident goes smoothly… my siblings and I have accepted that our youngest brother is gone… we can accept the reality.

“Yesterday morning, after returning from work, I visited his grave… the soil had already settled, and according to the plan, the headstone will be installed tomorrow,” she said when contacted on Thursday (May 9).

Muhammad Faisol, 36, the youngest of four siblings from Kampung Tanah Hitam, near here, leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

The incident, which occurred on April 23, involved two helicopters and claimed the lives of 10 RMN personnel at the RMN Base in Lumut.

In a statement today, RMN announced that the interim report from the investigation board indicated that all the crew involved in the incident were in good health.

RMN said the Investigation Board also confirmed that the pilots involved were still validly licensed to operate the aircraft and that their qualifications had not expired.

The board also found that both helicopters involved, a Maritime Operations Helicopter (HOM-AW139) and Fennec, were confirmed to be airworthy (safe to fly) on the day of the incident.

Maintenance work on both helicopters was confirmed to have been carried out according to the procedures and routines set by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

The weather on the day of the incident was good and suitable for flight operations, the report said. – BK

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