DBKL urged to resolve stalled housing project in Kepong
DBKL urged to resolve stalled housing project in Kepong

DBKL urged to resolve stalled housing project in Kepong

SEVERAL housebuyers of a housing project in Taman Fadason, which had stalled more than a decade ago, want the authorities to intervene.

Launched in 2012, the project in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, comprised three-storey linked units.

The housebuyers said it was a joint venture between a private developer and Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

They paid a 10% deposit to the developer for the units, which were estimated to cost between RM1.2mil and RM2mil.

Some 20 purchasers gathered for a press conference to voice their concerns and demand that DBKL resolve the issue.

Among them was Carrie Chin, 44, who said she paid a RM159,000 deposit to secure her unit.She said several years ago, she and other housebuyers demanded a refund after the developer failed to start work on the project.

“The developer agreed to our request and began paying us in monthly instalments.

“I received seven instalments totalling RM70,000 but then the payments stopped,” said Chin.

Ramayea Manickam, 62, who paid a RM186,000 deposit, said she did not receive any refund as she did not apply for it.

“We have repeatedly gone to the developer’s and DBKL’s offices over the years but were given the runaround,” she said.

Another buyer, Ng Bee Hiong, 51, said she did not want a refund and expressed hope that the project would be completed

Local community activist Yee Poh Ping, who is helping the housebuyers, said several meetings had been held with DBKL.

“We learnt that DBKL, which is the project’s landowner, had in 2014, cancelled the joint venture after the developer failed to fulfil its obligations.

“However, the housebuyers were left in limbo.

“We urge DBKL to step in and defend their rights,” said Yee.

When StarMetro visited the site, the team found an abandoned show unit.

The area was filled with rubbish and stagnant water.

There were also many vehicles parked there.

“These are believed to be from nearby neighbourhoods and commercial areas,” he said.

DBKL and the developer had not responded to requests for comments at press time. ― By FARID WAHAB

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