Duped buyers can appeal to have penalty waived
Duped buyers can appeal to have penalty waived

‘Duped buyers can appeal to have penalty waived’

NON-bumiputra buyers who were deceived into buying allocated bumiputra housing lots in Selangor and are now grappling with high penalty fees can appeal to have the bumiputra discount of 7% and also have an additional 5% penalty waived.

However, an application to waive the fees must be submitted by the developer/liquidator through the Selangor Housing and Property Board (LPHS), which will then present it to the state bumiputra quota appeals committee for consideration.

State housing and culture committee chairman Borhan Aman Shah (pic) said LPHS and the Selangor government were prepared to assist affected buyers in bringing their appeals to the board and, if necessary, to the Selangor State Executive Council (MMKN).

He was responding to Michelle Ng Mei Sze (PH-Subang Jaya) who, during the Q&A session, asked about the sale of bumiputra lots to non-bumiputra buyers, available resolutions for innocent buyers, safeguards for future buyers, and the status of the USJ One Park project.

Borhan said Selangor government would retain the current mechanism used to allocate bumiputra quotas for housing projects based on the Selangor Housing blueprint.

He said developers must adhere to the quota, and if they oversell bumiputra lots, the blanket approval required for issuing titles could not proceed.

He also said developers overselling bumiputra lots to non-bumiputra buyers would be blacklisted and fined.

“To ensure this does not happen in the future, LPHS will conduct a meeting with stakeholders to study the matter and find a solution,” he added.

Regarding the status of the USJ One Park, Borhan explained that the state had not received any application (to waive the penalty) from the liquidator appointed for the project.

He added that on May 31, the liquidator informed the state that they were still updating records with the condominium’s joint management body and the Selangor Land Office to ensure no units were left out.

Borhan explained that there was a discrepancy in the number of affected units that needed resolution before the liquidator could apply to have the bumiputra quotas released.

“LPHS can only process the application to release the bumiputra units when they receive it from the liquidator.

“Only then can an application to waive the fees be submitted to the appeals committee for their consideration,” he said.

The matter was brought up at the Selangor state assembly after StarMetro’s report on Nov 6 titled “Penalty dilemma” highlighted the issue of several hundred homeowners in Selangor left in limbo after unknowingly purchasing residential units intended for bumiputra buyers.

These homeowners now face penalty fees amounting to millions of ringgit as the developers have gone into liquidation.

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