Fast track applications of stateless kids says MP
Fast track applications of stateless kids says MP

Fast track applications of stateless kids, says MP

STATELESS children should be put on the fast track for citizenship applications, said a Johor lawmaker, following the revelation that four siblings have been denied schooling for not possessing identity cards.

Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman (pic) urged the Home Ministry and National Registration Department to intervene in cases that have been prolonged.

Aziq Fadyan, 24; Azreen Batrisya, 22; Azzahra Batrisya, 12; and Azalea Batrisya, nine, have had trouble completing their schooling as the authorities have yet to issue them with citizenship papers and ICs.

According to Lawyers for Liberty, their applications have been repeatedly denied despite the fact that their father is Malaysian.

“I applaud the Home Ministry for announcing that the citizenship application screening process will be shortened,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

“But for those waiting for a long time, there should be early intervention, especially for the four siblings, before the situation is prolonged.

“Show compassion and intervene to help them. It’s not just about the four siblings, but thousands out there who were born, grew up, and studied in Malaysia and yet do not have citizenship.”

Syed Saddiq said he was confident that thousands of others were facing similar difficulties in getting their citizenship, adding that the case of the four siblings was clear cut.

“Their father is Malaysian, they were born and grew up here. Two siblings studied here and want to take their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia certificates. They are part of us. They have the same Malaysian dream.

“The parents’ marriage status has also been verified by the Indonesia embassy,” he said.

He said the two had to postpone taking their SPM, while the other two are being home-schooled because they are unable to attend public schools.

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