Govt will continue to monitor inflation rate following wage hike
Govt will continue to monitor inflation rate following wage hike

Govt will continue to monitor inflation rate following wage hike for civil servants, says PM

PUTRAJAYA: The Madani government will continue to monitor the rate and impact of inflation in the country following the announcement of a 13% increase in civil servants’ salaries this December.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the government would survey the implementation of the salary increase while ensuring that the government’s revenue was exceeded, through closer monitoring.

“That Is why the increase (inflation) is phased in December and followed through to the following year (2025).

“So, if it goes up (inflation), it will be under control because, as we know, inflation in our country is the lowest in Asia,” he said during the “Soal Jawab Perdana Menteri” programme broadcast by all local television stations, including BK TV, on Wednesday (May 1).

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Anwar also reassured that the government would always strive to make sure that the inflation rate would not burden the people.

He said this when asked about the rising inflation concern in the country following the announcement of a salary increase for civil servants.

Anwar, during the national Labour Day 2024 celebrations here this morning, announced the salary increase for civil servants, which was expected to involve an allocation of more than RM10bil.

According to Bank Negara Malaysia, overall inflation was expected to remain moderate, between 2.0% and 3.5% this year, following cost pressures that were under control following improved global supply conditions.

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Touching on the cost of living, the Prime Minister denied grouses that the cost of living was now the highest in history.

“That is a lie. I used to oversee price controls for goods many decades ago as the Finance Minister at the time. Indeed, we assume that every year before Hari Raya the price of chicken will go up, but this time it did not.

“We also monitor the price of vegetables and fish. Some go up, I am not denying it, but we are monitoring,” he said, adding that the cost of living in Malaysia was still well controlled compared to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The almost hour-long special interview with the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia was conducted by RTM presenter Sayed Munawar Sayed Mustar, Pasha Abdul Rahim (BK TV), Muhammad Zulfitri Yusof (Awani) and Azaria Tagaya (TV3). – BK

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