KDEB to provide jobs to former prisoners
KDEB to provide jobs to former prisoners

KDEB to provide jobs to former prisoners

SELANGOR is looking at providing employment opportunities for ex-prisoners, including those on parole and under supervision.

State human resources and poverty eradication committee chairman V. Papparaidu said the planned initiative marked a significant step towards reintegration and support for ex-prisoners.

The programme will be carried out with the Prisons Department (JPM) and KDEB Waste Management.

“Through initial discussions, KDEB has agreed to offer jobs to former prisoners in suitable fields,” Papparaidu said during the Selangor State Assembly in Shah Alam.

“In this regard, the state government is proposing that a memorandum of understanding be signed between JPM and KDEB in August, subject to follow-up discussions and approval,” he said.

He highlighted that the state strove to provide a platform for former prisoners to obtain jobs and did not exclude them from such opportunities.

He was expanding on his response to a question raised by S. Preakas (PH-Kota Kemuning) on job opportunities for Orang Asli and people with disabilities.

“The state government’s efforts include policies to reserve 1% of public agency jobs for Orang Asli and the disabled,” said Papparaidu.

However, he said recruitment data for 2023 and 2024 showed varying success rates in appointing candidates from these groups possibly due to mismatched skills.

“Programmes like Selangor Kerjaya aims to address skill mismatches by aligning jobseekers’ abilities with the requirements of available jobs.

“They can then take profiling tests to evaluate their cognitive abilities, personality, behaviour and skills based on the Universal Competency Framework.

“Successful candidates also receive career guidance and training, including a one-year online upskilling programme with regular mentoring,” he said.

Papparaidu added that his office also had plans for the state to offer free guidance to jobseekers in Selangor, including resume preparation and interview skills.

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