Man stranded with dead relative in broken down car turns to
Man stranded with dead relative in broken down car turns to

Man stranded with dead relative in broken-down car turns to social media for help

KOTA KINABALU: When Mohd Ariff Ahmad’s vehicle broke down midway through an eight-hour trip, little did he know that his father-in-law who was in the car with him had died.

Mohd Ariff was transporting his father-in-law’s furniture from Sandakan to his house in Bongawan, on Sunday morning (June 23), which is an eight-hour drive.

However, when they were between Kundasang and Kota Belud, the vehicle’s brakes stopped working and had to stop.

That was when he realised his father-in-law was unconscious.

Mohd Ariff got out of his car to seek help from other passing vehicles but no one stopped to help.

With no help forthcoming, he decided to go live on Facebook to seek help.

“Some motorists slowed down to check, but they drove off without stopping,” he is heard saying in the 42-minute-long video.

Sitting behind his van while sobbing, he says: “I am still stranded. It is raining. There is no one helping. Cars are just driving past me. I am crying because I am worried about the body (of my father-in-law) in the passenger’s seat.”

Mohd Ariff said he initially did not realise his father-in-law had died and thought that he was sleeping.

In further posts, Mohd Ariff said an ambulance stopped to check but they only pronounced his father-in-law’s death and left him with the body at the location.

“They asked me to find a hearse myself,” he said.

He eventually contacted a friend to help find a hearse,

The hearse, along with several family members, arrived two hours later as it came from Ketiau in Putatan about 80km away.

“I am just grateful that we were able to put my father-in-law to rest. But I will not forget this ‘adventure’ we had together.

“As much as I am sad that no motorists stopped to help, I understand their fear that I might be a bad guy,” he said.

Many posted comments during the live feed, offering prayers and help.

“I thank those who helped me during my distress,” he said.

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