Narathiwat bomb blast Two Malaysians including pregnant woman recall anxious
Narathiwat bomb blast Two Malaysians including pregnant woman recall anxious

Narathiwat bomb blast: Two Malaysians, including pregnant woman, recall anxious time

TUMPAT: A pregnant woman, who was among the two Malaysian tourists who sustained minor injuries in Monday’s bomb explosion in Narathiwat, Thailand, said she faced anxious moments after the incident as she could not feel any foetal movements.

Recalling the incident, Hariza Aziz, 38, said she had travelled to Thailand with her husband Mohd Azam Ibrahim, 31, to attend her grandmother’s funeral.

“Prior to the bomb blast, I was resting by the riverbanks, taking in the scenery while snapping photographs, but suddenly there was an explosion,” she told reporters on arrival from Thailand at the Pengkalan Kubor JKR Ferry jetty here on Wednesday (May 8).

“Following the blast, I staggered and felt chest pains and was feeling dizzy. What worried me was that I could not feel my baby move after the explosion… I am seven months pregnant.”

After the incident, Hariza was sent to the hospital for an examination and treatment.


“Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to Allah that after the examination, I was told that everything was fine with my pregnancy,” she said.

Meanwhile, fellow injured Malaysian, Siti Aishah Ismail, 31, is not discouraged from returning to Thailand.

“I have many relatives besides having worked in Thailand too, so I visit (the place) often,” said Siti Aishah, who hails from Kampung Geting.

According to her, she had just parked her motorcycle when the bomb blast happened.

“At the time, I and my four-year-old son Mohd Afiq Danish were walking towards the banks of the Narathiwat River to take a rest,” adding that she was about 40 metres away when the bomb exploded.

It was previously reported that on Monday, two Malaysian tourists were among four individuals who were injured in a bomb explosion in Narathiwat, southern Thailand. – BK

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