Ramen chain responds to brickbats it received over its salary
Ramen chain responds to brickbats it received over its salary

Ramen chain responds to brickbats it received over its salary practices

PETALING JAYA: A popular ramen chain in Kuala Lumpur that came under fire over its human resource practices has issued an update clarifying its salary practices.
Kanbe Group’s customer relations team said in a statement shared on its official Facebook page on Thursday (Feb 22) that they had “taken action to address these concerns.”
“We believe in transparency and open communication with our esteemed customers.
“That’s why we want to address recent discussions regarding our employment salary practices.
“We understand that there may have been some confusion and concern regarding the circulation of information about deductions in our employees’ salaries.
“We want to assure you that we take these concerns seriously and are committed to providing clarity,” read the statement.
It further said that its salary system was designed to reward hard work and dedication, and it compensated staff with salaries above market practices.
“This system consists of a combination of basic pay and pre-granted incentives. The discussions have focused on deductions within these incentives.
“Our intention with this system is to create a fair and equitable environment where our employees are appropriately rewarded for their efforts.”
It also said that all new hires had been fully briefed on this system during the recruitment process.
“Nevertheless, we want to reassure you that we have already taken action to address these concerns,” it added.
However, the company did not reveal what the action was.
“Moving forward, we remain dedicated to providing competitive salaries and maintaining the trust you have placed in us.”
It also said those who had further concerns could reach out to them.
The statement, which was posted at about 3.50pm, however, received criticisms from users for its lack of compassion towards its workforce.
Some even called out the establishment for showing no remorse over its inhumane punishments.
Earlier on Thursday (Feb 22), Human Resources Minister Steven Sim warned that bosses could not cut their workers’ salaries as a disciplinary action.
He said the law was clear that any salary deductions must follow what was permitted under the Employment Act and added that disciplinary action against employees must go through a domestic inquiry.
Before this, a post claiming that a ramen chain in the city had allegedly imposed arbitrary penalties on its staff for breaches of conduct.
A photo of the list of responsibilities for staff and the fines they need to pay if they did certain things was shared on social media.
Among them were RM100 fine for sick leave and another RM500 fine for failing to inform the management two hours prior; RM500 fine for being late five times; RM100 fine for breaking a spoon and RM200 for a bowl; RM200 fine for using the mobile phone at work; RM500 fine for going to the toilet during peak hours, RM500 fine for taking tips and all service staff to bear any unpaid bills equally.

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