Respect rules for a smoother Qing Ming Festival
Respect rules for a smoother Qing Ming Festival

‘Respect rules for a smoother Qing Ming Festival’

Traffic police will assist to ease vehicular congestion at Kwong Tong Cemetery (KTC) Kuala Lumpur for the Qing Ming Festival.

KTC board of directors president Lee Chun Kong urged everyone to obey traffic rules while paying respects to ancestors.

“Visitors should not park or get out of their vehicles arbitrarily because if everyone does so, it might result in a traffic jam lasting up to one hour.

“I hope everyone understands the difficulties of the cemetery’s management and will work closely with traffic officials,” he said during a press conference held at Wisma KTC, Jalan Dewan Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur.

Lee also advised the public to consider coming to pray during off-peak periods.

“It is not necessary to come only during peak periods.

A garbage collection point has been set up for visitors paying respects to their ancestors during Qing Ming.

“Visitors should also speed up the process of paying respects to their ancestors as this will allow everyone more time to pay their respects as well.

“The public is also advised to take the offerings back home to avoid wastage as well as to sort out their rubbish.”

KTC’s Qing Ming Committee 2024 head Ng Kwee Heng said the public can travel to the cemetery directly via the Hang Tuah flyover from the city centre.

“Traffic police will close the Jalan Dewan Bahasa U-turn towards the cemetery, depending on the situation.

“If there is a road closure, the worshippers should proceed to Jalan Loke Yew then turn towards the cemetery grounds,” he said.

KTC’s Qing Ming Festival this year is themed “Keep with Love”.

Ng pointed out that KTC had invested a lot in upgrading works before Qing Ming this year.

“This includes adding folding tables at worship areas, elevator control, fixing toilet water pressure and water supply issues, installing new broadcast systems as well as setting up fixed garbage collection points in cemeteries.

“We hope everyone will make good use of the facilities and take good care of them,” he said.

Lee also urged the public to pay cemetery beautification fees.

He said the fee was RM40 per single lot per year and RM70 per double lot per year, which amounts to only a few sen per day.

Also present were KTC’s secretary-general Pang Chee Foong, assistant treasurer Datuk Lee Sung Choy, chief operating officer Yong Pock Yau, KTC directors, Selangor and KL Kwangsi Cemetery lawyer Yu Yong Xiang, as well as representatives from Jalan Tun HS Lee police station.

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