Road barrier upsets Ulu Tiram farmers
Road barrier upsets Ulu Tiram farmers

Road barrier upsets Ulu Tiram farmers

Obstacle put up by developer makes it difficult for lorries to enter and exit area

FARMERS and smallholders near the Pulada Army camp in Ulu Tiram, Johor, are at their wits’ ends after a developer put up a barrier at the main entrance of the road.

They said the roadblock, which was erected over a year ago, made it difficult for vehicles to enter and exit the area after 6pm.

Chong Ah Kau, 77, who owns a durian orchard and an oil palm plantation in the area, said the barrier also made it difficult for farmers to collect their crops.

“I received a call once from a lorry driver who was unable to exit because of the barrier.

“When I called the person in charge of manning the barrier, he said he had left the site. The lorry driver ended up having to leave his vehicle, which was loaded with oil palm fruits, at the barrier.

“He had to return the next day to get the lorry out,” Chong told reporters at a press conference held opposite the Pulada Army camp.

He said there was only one road that connected the whole area, which had over 100 farms and plantations.

“I am worried that in case of an emergency, we cannot exit. We hope another road can be provided,” he said, adding that farm and plantation workers also lived in the vicinity.

The road leads to the land owned by the developer.

A. Govidersami, 72, who owns a 3.2ha oil palm plantation, said there was also ongoing work digging drains around the area.

“The digging work has made it very difficult for lorries to move around and pick up fruits.

“It is also very dangerous, especially when it rains.

“We are worried that if the situation persists, someone may end up getting injured,” said Govidersami.

Johor MCA secretary Datuk Ng Keng Heng said he would raise the matter with the relevant parties.

“We urge other farmers and smallholders affected by the situation to reach out to us.

“At the moment, we have identified 20 out of the 100 or so farmers and smallholders here.

“Once we get the numbers, we will have a meeting with the developer and the land office to find a solution to this problem,” said Ng, who is also Kota Tinggi MCA division chief.

He said smallholders and farmers could contact the Johor MCA office at 07-363 0008.

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