Sabah Tourism Minister encourages incorporating nature and urban living into
Sabah Tourism Minister encourages incorporating nature and urban living into

Sabah Tourism Minister encourages incorporating nature and urban living into artwork

KOTA KINABALU: State Tourism, Culture, and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew emphasised the capability of skilled artists to craft and install artworks reflecting the harmonious coexistence of nature and urban living.

Speaking at the launch of the “Market Below The Wind-Bamboo Forest Within Cityscape Installation” event, she suggested that incorporating natural elements into contemporary architectural designs could be extended to other commercial structures.

The collaborative initiative between KK Times Square and Upcycle Shack, curated by Sabah architect Tressie Yap, features a 3.7-metre by three-metre metal main frame adorned with uniform 2.4-metre-high hanging bamboo pieces, supported by bamboo grids above.

“As Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Environment, it fills me with immense pride to witness the convergence of art, nature, and urban life in such a harmonious and captivating manner.

“This installation is not just a piece of art, being a testament to the creative spirit and cultural richness that Sabah embodies.

“As we walk through this installation, we can feel the sensation of strolling through a dense bamboo grove, right in the heart of the city,” she said.

Liew expressed pride in witnessing the integration of art, nature, and urban life, emphasising that the fusion of metal and bamboo symbolises the potential for harmony between built and natural environments.

“The significance of bamboo, representing strength, flexibility, and growth, as a fitting material to embody the essence of the Kaamatan (harvest) festival,” said Liew, who is also the Api-Api assemblyman.

Meanwhile, Yap said advocating for the introduction of a “kampung element” bamboo forest in KK Times Square’s open spaces is aimed at infusing nature into urban settings.

Also present were Syarikat Kapasi Sdn Bhd representative Kevin Loh, KK Times Square property manager Belinda Chong, and Sabah Tourism Board senior marketing manager Humphrey Ginibun.

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