Sg Bakap polls Campaigning progresses peacefully with no police reports
Sg Bakap polls Campaigning progresses peacefully with no police reports

Sg Bakap polls: Campaigning progresses peacefully with no police reports lodged

NIBONG TEBAL: The first four days of campaigning in Sungai Bakap have gone smoothly, and no police reports have been lodged.

Penang police Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department chief Sen Asst Comm Puspanathan Wiresingam said from the start of the Sungai Bakap by-elections on Saturday (June 22) to Tuesday (June 25), there have been no police reports, investigation papers, arrests, charges or remands in the South Seberang Perai district related to the by-election.

“It is commendable that the campaigning has been carried out respectably.

“We have not noticed any misbehaviour and issues stemming from the campaigns.

“The candidates, campaigners and party supporters have carried themselves with maturity,” he told a press conference at South Seberang Perai district headquarters here on Tuesday (June 25).

SAC Puspanathan, the media spokesperson for this by-election, said that 17 permits for talks, walkabouts, and mobile campaigning from both sides had been approved so far.

“We received 10 applications from Pakatan Harapan and seven from Perikatan Nasional.

“There were no issues with the applications, and we approved all of them,” he said.

He then urged the public not to believe unofficial information and to verify it before sharing content.

“You can always obtain the information from a reliable source and check with us,” he said.

He said that so far, they have not received a single complaint or report related to race, religion, or royalty (3R).

“It has not come up in talks or on social media.

“We want to keep it that way and constantly check to ensure it has not been brought up.

“We caution people that serious action can be taken against them if they break the law,” he said.

SAC Puspanathan said there were still 11 days remaining before the end of the by-election and hoped it would go smoothly.

“We express our gratitude for carrying out the campaigning in a peaceful manner and hope it continues.

“This will enable voters to come out and cast their votes without any hindrances.

“We caution people not to instigate each other or damage campaigning material,” he said.

The by-election was called following the death of its incumbent, Nor Zamri Latiff of PAS, on May 24 due to stomach inflammation.

Perikatan Nasional’s candidate, Abidin Ismail, is engaged in a straight fight for the Sungai Bakap state seat by-elections with Pakatan Harapan’s Dr Joohari Ariffin.

Early voting is on July 2, and polling day has been set for July 6.

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