Spotlight on Sabahs wildlife The Star
Spotlight on Sabahs wildlife The Star

Spotlight on Sabah’s wildlife | The Star

State’s unique flora and fauna to be featured in new documentary

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s unique wildlife species will be featured in a 12-part documentary series that will start on Feb 27, says a non-governmental organisation.

Called the Borneo Wildlife Series, the programme will feature various types of wildlife, such as the red leaf monkey, pangolins, elephants, frogs, dolphins and insects, said 1StopBorneo conservationist Shavez Cheema.

“These educational videos are bilingual and are between six and 12-minutes long each,” he said when contacted.

He said the videos touch on the threats faced by each species, its ecology and success stories by NGOs or conservationists in Sabah.

Shavez said the idea for the wildlife series was mooted in late 2021.

“So together with our partners and conservationists, including Sabah Parks, we managed to finally produce the documentary series,” he said.

He added that it was funded by Sime Darby Bhd.

Shavez said he got his inspiration a few years ago from another NGO, Scubazoo, which is a natural history filming and photography company based in Sabah.

He said it had come up with a series of wildlife videos and the locations and wildlife featured were more focused on the Kinabatangan area.

“For our Borneo series, there will be a wider range of species introduced and talked about, and it will involve a bigger geographical area,” he said.

The first two parts of the series will be aired at the City Mall cinema at 10am on Feb 27, with Sabah Parks director Dr Maklarin Lakim as the guest of honour.

“We hope to release the subsequent parts every two or three weeks in different locations, including schools to reach a wider audience,” said Shavez.

He said the videos will be shared in public domains and can be used as educational resource reference, promotional materials for the tourism industry as well as other beneficial uses.

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