Study use of wind turbines to expand renewable energy portfolio
Study use of wind turbines to expand renewable energy portfolio

Study use of wind turbines to expand renewable energy portfolio, says MP

KUALA LUMPUR: A MP has proposed that the government explore and study the potential of using wind turbines in the future to expand the portfolio of renewable energy (RE) in the country.

During the debate on the Supply Bill 2024, Mohd Nazri Abu Hassan (PN-Merbok) said this was because there were several locations in the country which could be developed for the RE project, in addition to it being in line with the sustainability roadmap to achieving the zero carbon emission target by 2050.

“Some people say that in Malaysia there is not enough wind for wind turbines, but there are several suitable places to implement wind energy projects, including on the east coast and some selected locations on the west coast of the Peninsula.

“In fact, the first wind turbine in Malaysia was developed in Bukit Cerakah, Selangor in 2014, which can produce sufficient electricity supply for over 1,000 houses,” he said.

In addition, he said a group of researchers from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) recently managed to develop a wind turbine capable of generating electricity supply efficiently at low wind speeds through a revolution in wind turbine blade technology.

As such, he asked Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad to scrutinise the local expertise, which he is confident can be developed cost-effectively.

Meanwhile, Azli Yusof (PH-Shah Alam) urged the government to consider the use of nuclear energy for electricity generation in the future since the country’s climate limits the availability of solar resources throughout the year.

“Recently, the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) went to Abu Dhabi and Masdar City, which is the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency that connects government organisations in the Middle East.

“Masdar City has a very huge solar farm suitable with its vast open land that is exposed to sunlight throughout the year.

“Even then, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) government is now building four nuclear plants as their alternative energy source. So, is the government also ready to consider this source?” he said.

Meanwhile, Howard Lee (PH-Ipoh Timur) suggested that the government establish an Artificial Intelligence Consultative Council, which will comprise parliamentarians, industry players, UTM and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

He said the establishment of the council is in preparation to deal with all possible technological development, as well as propelling the AI industry to a higher level.

The Dewan Rakyat sitting continues Tuesday (Oct 23). – BK

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