Superstars deadpan response to fan tickles netizens
Superstars deadpan response to fan tickles netizens

Superstar’s deadpan response to fan tickles netizens


HONG Kong superstar Jacky Cheung’s blunt response to a fan’s question sent netizens into fits of laughter, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The 62-year-old singer was caught by a group of fans when leaving a hotel car park in Beijing, China, and was presented with a stack of gifts.

One of the fans asked Cheung, popularly known as “the God of Songs”, if he liked her daughter’s present.

“Boss, do you like my daughter’s present? It’s a fan. She made it herself,” the woman said while gesturing towards a homemade paper fan.

Cheung, who bore a frustrated expression, said: “I have not used it yet.” He then waved at the fans before departing.

Many netizens were entertained by Cheung’s deadpan response.

“Jacky is too honest. Please don’t make things awkward for him!” one netizen wrote.

It was earlier reported that Cheung sparked a scare among fans in March 2024 after he postponed a series of concerts in Shanghai when he contracted Covid-19. Cheung resumed touring right after he recovered.

> The daily also reported that underage suspects were among several people who were arrested in Sarikei, Sarawak, after a video of a brawl went viral.Sarikei police chief Supt Aswandy Anis told the press that the police arrested four suspects, aged between 16 and 20.

It was reported that the 30-second video showed two young men thrashing it out by the side of a road while dozens cheered on.Police said the brawl started because one of suspects was accused of damaging a phone, adding that investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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