Transforming your home exterior for the New Year
Transforming your home exterior for the New Year

Transforming your home exterior for the New Year

AS the calendar pages turn and the dawn of a new year approaches, we find ourselves captivated by the allure of transformation. The desire for change and renewal goes beyond personal resolutions, extending to the places we call home.

As we stand on the threshold of the upcoming year, why not seize the opportunity to revitalise your exterior spaces? Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond Series comprises of Weatherbond, Weatherbond Solareflect, Weatherbond Hi-Gloss, and Weatherbond Ultimate.

A newly improved series powered by Quartz Technology with protection up to 15 years against harsh weather, keeping your home looking clean and pristine, year after year. It is your chance to transform your outdoor spaces into a canvas that mirrors your personal aspirations, where hope and dreams are brought to reality.

Kickstart your new year with an aura of boundless optimism and energy by embracing the Weatherbond Series’ beautiful shades. This year, we present four captivating themes: Tropical Charm, Coastal Contemporary, Modern Mediterranean and Oasis Elegance.

In the realm of Tropical Charm, vibrant hues burst forth, resembling an explosion of joy and optimism. Imagine a field of wildflowers or a brilliant orange sunset can instantly make you feel energised. Among the vibrant options from Tropical Charm, you will find Mandarin Magic, Mocha Magic and Lavender Haze. These shades infuse your exterior spaces with a sense of optimism and vitality, setting the tone for the new year ahead.

Transitioning to Coastal Contemporary, experience the soothing embrace of calm hues. Evoking feelings of serenity and calm, these shades invite you to indulge in a serene stroll amidst the hustle and bustle of the new year. Harbor Gray, Pebble Blue, Unstoppable, and Blue Haze establish a soothing atmosphere, inviting you to relax amidst the new year’s hustle and bustle.

In the enchanting theme of Modern Mediterranean warm, calming, and soothing hues are frequently used to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Explore the inviting shade of Coral Cascade, Mohagany Magic, Autumn Amber and Lilac Mistique, transporting you to a Mediterranean sunset, infusing your surroundings with the warmth of a new beginning.

Oasis Elegance introduces deep, lavish hues that radiate a feeling of refinement and elegance are considered rich and elegant colors. Rich undertones and depth characterize these colours adding a classic and elegant charm to your surroundings. Within the realm of Oasis Elegance, combine shades such as Grape Glamour, Auburn Blaze and Brick Boulevard to add sophisticated touch to your outdoor area.

The Weatherbond Series is specially formulated with innovative Quartz Technology, that provides the strongest protection, toughest resistance, and hardest defence for your exterior walls.

Visit the nearest dealer store today to purchase the improved Weatherbond and start your year with our range of paint solutions.

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