Wanita PKR Bullying culture sexism highlighted in debates at congress
Wanita PKR Bullying culture sexism highlighted in debates at congress

Wanita PKR: Bullying culture, sexism highlighted in debates at congress

PUTRAJAYA: Wanita PKR cited the bullying culture as among the factors why women stay away from being involved in active politics.

The wing’s national executive committee member, Sandrea Ng, who is also Perak PKR communications director, said currently, there is still an imbalance and injustice in various aspects of life, including at the workplace, in education and among communities due to a lack of gender sensitivity.

She said this situation even extended to the legislative institutions and cited several instances when sexist and gender-sensitive statements were hurled in the Dewan Rakyat.

Ng, who is also Perak Housing and Local Government Committee chairman, said these types of statements were not only disappointing but extremely hurtful to women.

“Enough is enough!… I want to strongly object to all these statements because this behaviour is irresponsible and establishes a culture of bullying towards women in politics,” she said in her Wanita PKR leaders’ “reflection speech” at the congress held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre Saturday (Nov 25).

Meanwhile, issues related to empowering and providing equality to women in various aspects and administrative institutions were also raised by several delegates, including Selangor delegate Ainul Aizura Ahsan, who urged the government to do more to promote gender equality and protect the rights of women.

“This includes fully enforcing laws against gender discrimination in all fields and domestic violence and increasing representation in legislative bodies and other leadership positions,” she said.

Terengganu delegate, Ramlah Saleh, on the other hand, said institutions and agencies need to ensure and have a duty to measure equality regarding women’s progress in their achievements regardless of gender.

“Women also need to be treated fairly based on qualifications to be in places they deserve.

“As such, government institutions and agencies need to provide training and courses as well as awareness to their employees regarding gender stereotypes in these institutions to improve awareness and reduce discrimination issues,” she said. – BK

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