Sukau Arch crash Company should bear responsibility for repairs says
Sukau Arch crash Company should bear responsibility for repairs says

Sukau Arch crash, Company should bear responsibility for repairs, says state CVLB chairman

KOTA KINABALU: The company that owns the dump truck responsible for running into and destroying the Sukau Arch last week, should bear the responsibility of fixing the structure, which is iconic to locals and visitors to the area located in Sabah’s east coast.

State Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CVLB) chairman Vivian Wong Shir Yee further suggested that the company coordinate this with the local authorities so that the arch can be repaired as soon as possible as the welcome sign was a tourism landmark for Sukau, a township under Kinabatangan district.

She also ordered that the records of the driver and vehicle involved be reviewed to see if there were past accident reports, and that this issue will be discussed in the next Board meeting to deliberate proper actions.

Wong said this in a statement on Monday (May 27), following reports of the accident on Friday (May 24).

Videos and photos of the accident have since gone viral on social media.

“Following the Kampung Sukau Arch incident, I have asked the agencies under my purview as Sabah CVLB head to conduct investigations.

“Based on the report I received, it was due to the lorry driver’s negligence for not realising that the dump box was elevated, causing it to hit the arch.

“I am thankful that no other motorists nearby were hurt,” said Wong, who is also Sandakan MP.

Wong said the data derived from the state CVLB showed that the vehicle involved had an active licence and is owned by a company with an address in Bukit Garam, Kinabatangan, with operations around Sabah and Labuan.

“I would like to remind all commercial vehicle operators, whether companies or individuals, to make sure their vehicles are in good condition and that the drivers hired can handle the vehicles in a safe manner.

“If there are any incidents due to negligence, I will not compromise and will order stern action against those involved based on my powers under CVLB Act 1987 (Act 334).

“I hear a lot of questions regarding the repair of the arch… In this case, I believe the company involved should bear the responsibility,” Wong said.

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